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Artificial turf rolls come 15 feet wide by up to 75 feet in length with the exception of ERIE 45 which comes 12 feet wide by up to 50 feet in length. Keep in mind when installing your turf that all the fibers need to be laying the same direction which may result in having to over order on materials. 

Infill comes in 50 lb bags. It is recommended at 2 lbs per square foot. T Cool helps to reduce the heat of the turf, but by no means does it actually make it 'cold'. Envirofill 12-20 or 16-30 are recommended on all pet installs as it is antimicrobial, so it reduces the smell of dog urine. Envirofill 30-50 is ONLY for putting greens due to how fine it is. 

Seam tape comes in 328 linear feet rolls. Glue comes in 5-gallon buckets. 2" x 2" v groove board comes 12 linear feet. 1" x 4" bender board comes 10 linear feet. 

* Please keep in mind this is an order REQUEST form, this is NOT an order form. Once we review your order, we will contact you if we think you are not ordering enough materials or if we have any questions. Once we send you an invoice and it is PAID IN FULL, it becomes an order. *


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